5 Different Ways To Dispose Of Your Dead Vehicle

Posted on: 17 February 2017

If you blew the motor in your old vehicle and have decided that the car has reached the end of its useful life, then you have five different choices for how to dispose of it. Here is some information on each option you can choose from:

1. Sell Your Car to a Local Scrap Yard

Since the majority of your older vehicle is made out of steel and other metals, it can be recycled at an automotive scrap yard. Most auto scrap yards will remove all of the usable parts from the car and then crush and shred the metals to sell for recycling. The price a scrap yard will pay you for your vehicle depends on the current market price for steel and other metals. 

2.  Donate Your Car to Charity

Since the market price for steel has been very low, many people have chosen to donate their vehicles to charity for a tax deduction rather than sell them to a scrap yard. When you donate your car to charity, then you can write off the market price of the car as a tax deductible donation to charity when you file your taxes. Many times, when you donate a car to charity, they will arrange to have the car towed at no expense to you.

3. Donate Your Car to a High School

If your local high school has an automotive repair shop, then sometimes you can donate your old car to them. The school uses your car's parts to teach students basic automotive repair techniques. In many cases, you can deduct this type of auto deduction on your taxes as well. 

4. Donate Your Car to an Automotive Trade School

If your local high school doesn't have an auto repair shop, then you can donate your old vehicle to a local automotive repair trade school. As with a high school, an auto trade school will use your car and its parts to help the students learn repair techniques. If the school you donate your car to is a non-profit, then you can deduct its market value from your taxes.  

5. Donate Your Car to a Local Fire Department

Finally, one of the best ways you can dispose of your dead vehicle is to donate it to your local fire department. The fire department will use the car to train their emergency responders on such life-saving equipment as the jaws-of-life. 


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