The Path to Passing Your Roofing Exam

Posted on: 6 January 2017

Becoming a certified roofing contractor requires you to pass the roofing exam. This can be a daunting experience, but there is a simple path to take from one end to the other.

Why Get Licensed?

It's no secret that not all contractors out there are licensed. But that puts everyone in a bad spot. It makes clients wary of contractors, for one. If there is an issue on the property, it puts everyone at risk since the contractor is not legally supposed to be doing the work. And not being licensed may cost you business because clients may demand to see adequate proof that you are a licensed roofing contractor and then not hire you when you can't provide it. Finally, being licensed makes sense for your own safety, since by getting licensed you will learn the best ways to stay safe on the job and also protect your business and the work you do. 

What Does It Take to Pass the Roofing Exam?

The test may vary between states in regard to the specific information and specifications that you must know. This is why it's important to get a study guide that's tailored to the test you will be taking. Preparing for the test may take upwards of 100 hours, but the test should be over a lot of material that you are already familiar with if you are an educated contractor. 

What Are Your Roofing-Exam Prep Options?

Perhaps the best thing to do if you are nervous about passing this test with success is to take a roofing-exam prep course. This will give you all of the study materials that you need laid out in an organized fashion. Some practice kits might include practice tests with questions like the ones you're bound to see on the test. Your roofing-exam prep kit may also include video or in-person tutoring as well as other studying materials. 

If you are a person that learns through communication with another person, look for a course that offers at least a hotline for you to ask questions about your study material with. Otherwise, find a course with an in-person tutor. 

To make sure that your course is really effective at helping you accomplish your goals, see if the company or tutor will stand by a guarantee that you will pass the test. If you fail the first time, you might receive additional coaching to help you figure out what went wrong with your test. When you're investing the money in professional education for your roofing exam, finding a company that stands by their education is key. 


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